Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, St. Timothy's Anglican Church has announced its closure for service tomorrow (March 15, 2020). Instead, service will be held at an alternative location, and an earlier time. Unfortunately, we ask that only members of our church will join us tomorrow, due to limited space. We're sorry for the inconvenience. The sermons will still be streamed online tomorrow at 10:30AM at:

2020 Conference schedule



    The Gospel China Bridge ministry is mainly for Chinese Christians. We hold 4-6 conferences each year.The purpose of our ministry is to provide biblical Christian teaching to our brothers and sisters.

    The lecturers of “Gospel China Bridge” are mostly from the English-speaking world. They are conservative, loyal to the Word of God, and have a burden for teaching Chinese Christians.

    Our common vision is to help the Chinese churches return to the orthodox beliefs revealed in the Bible,
    to pass on the ancient gospel recognized by saints in history,
    to resist the impact of teachings incompatible with the Bible in the modern church,
    to help the people of God stand firm in the faith.

    We currently provide free videos and audio recordings of the China Bridge conferences. Our speakers allow the sharing of their sermons in local churches.