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The China Bridge conference was started in 2012, an effort to bring the true gospel to Christians in China. Typically, the conference would take place over a weekend, during which 10-12 sermons would be preached and translated into Mandarin in real-time.

Due to the present pandemic, the conference has now been adapted to a virtual platform. While we will not be able to see our beloved speakers in person now, this is an amazing opportunity for more people to be able to tune in and follow these sermons online.

Even if you are not Chinese (or even Christian), you are invited to listen to these sermons and learn more about the gospel, as it's applicable no matter where you are in life!

Starting this Friday evening, the China Bridge conference will be taking place every Friday from 7:30-9:00pm EST. While the pandemic has certainly caused many difficulties and a lot of pain, God has been using it to bless His church in ways we have experienced before. "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

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The Gospel China Bridge ministry welcome Brothers and Sisters all over the world to serve Him together! Please contact us if you want to join us!



The Gospel China Bridge ministry is mainly for Chinese Christians. We hold 4-6 conferences each year.The purpose of our ministry is to provide biblical Christian teaching to our brothers and sisters.

The lecturers of “Gospel China Bridge” are mostly from the English-speaking world. They are conservative, loyal to the Word of God, and have a burden for teaching Chinese Christians.

Our common vision is to help the Chinese churches return to the orthodox beliefs revealed in the Bible,
to pass on the ancient gospel recognized by saints in history,
to resist the impact of teachings incompatible with the Bible in the modern church,
to help the people of God stand firm in the faith.

We currently provide free videos and audio recordings of the China Bridge conferences. Our speakers allow the sharing of their sermons in local churches.