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Since the beginning of the Gospel China Bridge ministry in Toronto in the year of 2012, the co-workers have been continually receiving requests from the preachers for systematic training. After a period of prayers, God has shown us a common vision that the Chinese church needs shepherds who is able to rightly dividing the word of truth. In response to this need, we began the series study of Gospel China Bridge Worker Training Program.


The series is divided into the following three major parts:

  1. Bible Truth (interpreter Bible, Bible theology, systematic theology, linguistics, heresy and extremes, etc.)
  2. Biblical Servants (servants’ character/life, devotion, preaching, family service, etc.)
  3. Biblical Church (Church history, church planting, pastoral church, administration of church, co -workers, mission, etc.)


Teaching method and time

The first training will be held from November 12 to 21, 2019. The location is in Toronto. We recruit students who come to Toronto to attend class in person, also recruit students who could not come and to choose attending class online. Every day during class period, we have two sessions in the morning and evening, and each session has four hours, from 6 o’clock to 10 o’clock. (Toronto time) This takes care of the students from mainland China who are attending classes online.

The course Biblical Church will be delivered by Brother Paul Washer and Brother Michael Durham, translated by Brother Larry Pan. Students need to go through the book of Acts before the start of the course and to answer two questions: What should a minister called by God look like? What the biblical church should be (characteristics)? Please list the corresponding scriptures in the book of Acts that support the answer.


Student Registration

Our courses are designed to train God’s workers. You are welcomed to registered whether you are already a preacher or a person who has been called but not yet begun to serve. Registration requires you to submit the following materials:

  1.  Filled the completed registration form (Download)
  2.  individual’s testimony and introduction of your current service (including regeneration and being called to be a pastor, a brief personal experience and a brief introduction of current ministry serving , etc.)
  3.  Two audio recordings of sermons you preached. If you have not started to preach yet, you can use the recordings of the gospel.
  4. two audio recordings of your leading bible studies. If you have not started to teach the Bible in the church yet, you can invite one or several friends/church members to study the Bible and submit the recordings. It is best to include interactions with participants in the class. The recordings required above can also be recorded in words. But please explain the time of the recording and the situation of the audience (whether it is a believer, the understanding of faith, etc.)

Email the above materials to: training@gospelchinabridge.org

Student requirements

The admitted students are required to complete the pre-study assignments and after-school assignments for each course on time. If you are unable to attend class on time or unable to complete your homework, you will need to take time off. We encourage students to ask questions and answer questions during the class. Communicate your faith and service with your teachers if you have facing certain difficulties.


Student Registration Fee

For both on-site and online students, each student from mainland China will pay RMB100 yuan, the other students who are admitted will pay CAD$200 each. Students have not been accepted will pay no fees.


Admissions Guide Download

Gospel China Bridge -Worker Training Program(PDF)